Monday, September 20, 2010

Broth, broth and MORE broth...

I realize that I tend to start big projects far too late in the day, often leaving me at 11pm scrambling to finish before I collapse from exhaustion. And so it goes with my broth project.

While we spent a little more on groceries this week, look at how much broth it yielded for freezing!

44 Cups of lamb broth for freezing, and another 30 cups in veggie broth. I will forewarn anyone thinking about making broth for freezing... about two seconds after taking this picture, we noticed a leak... EVERYWHERE.

Each bag was spraying out the side, which left us both scrambling to find another solution. We ran out of tupperware quickly, so poured it back into the pan to refrigerate overnight.

Today I'll be freezing the rest in our brand new tupperware bought at the store just this morning.

Ahhh, so this is why you plan ahead...


  1. lol! Be careful of how much space you use up on broth, which takes a lot of space. Soon the freezer will be too full of something that you REALLY want to store.

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