Our Exceptions

Every locavore is faced with a challenge: what to allow in from the "outside". After all, eating within a 250 mile radius of your home can be limiting for some staples.

I've found that every locavore allows around 10 exceptions. Here is our list to guide us in the next year:

1. Cooking Oils (Olive & Grapeseed)
2. Lemons
3. Spices (unless we can find them locally)
4. Baking Powder & Soda (a must have for breads!), Vanilla for baking
5. Sugar (we will substitute for local honey whenever possible)
6. Eating out twice a month (for our own sanity, and also so we don't completely ostracize ourselves from our friends)
7. Balsamic Vinegar
8. Coffee

The rest of what we eat will be local, though, including:

> Produce
> Flour
> Grains
> Eggs
> Milk
> Yogurt
> Meats
> Butter
> Wine
> Cheese
> Snacks
> Ice Cream

Which really means NO:

> Diners
> Bakeries
> Fast Food
> Junk Food
> Soda
> Big-Box Grocery Stores