Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ballard Farmer's Market

In trying to seek out the best of the best in year-round farmer's markets, today we decided to voyage out to Ballard. The market was unbelievably bustling with activity, and we had a great conversation with a local farm that sells flour (yay!). Apparently, wheat has oil in it that goes rancid really quickly, so people that have digestive issues with wheat are sometimes having issues with the rancid varieties available on the supermarket shelves. The farmer we spoke to, Emma, said that many people who have had issues with wheat in the past have had luck with their flours.

We bought a 4lb bag of pastry flour, which is finely ground and perfect for pasta. Next week, we'll probably give the rye a whirl, and bake a loaf of bread with it. Again, we are in prep stages, so we are lucky enough to have this planning time to find the best of the best before our self-imposed sabbatical.

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  1. The Ballard market looks huge! We went to one in Mt Vernon last weekend, and it was big also.

    Soybeans are a big crop all over the south - in fact we have picked them fresh in the Eufaula national wildlife refuge....but that isn't local for you....